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Lady Sings The Blues. . .Is TOO Much Sugar The Blame?

How many of us really knew that eating sugar can cause us the moody blues? It’s true. . . when you eat simple refined sugar it instantly enters your blood stream. Blood sugar levels spike, dopamine is released in the … Continue reading

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Some People Said I Was Crazy. . .Why I Turn Down Genetic Testing for the Mutated BRCA1 & 2 Gene

I was 27 when I received the shock of my life, my first mammogram, and then strongly encouraged to get genetic testing. I was a classical trained ballet dancer still performing with a civic theater. I barely had breast! Why … Continue reading

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Skin Cancer Awareness Month -Find Out Which Household Items Can Help Detect Skin Cancer

Originally posted on Sunny Sleevez:
May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and despite sunscreen sales being higher than ever before so are skin cancer rates,  more than two million Americans each year are diagnosed, a number that is rising rapidly.…

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Hand Full of The Other Super Food

Easy way to measure a handful! Check out the variety.

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Blog News-Not Another Greens Blog-Power To The Nuts!

Many times you see “Super Food” listing kale, spinach, turnip and mustard greens, etc, but how many times have you seen the power of the nuts. I am sure you are already aware of the heart-healthy power of nuts, full … Continue reading

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Blog News-The Big “C” is Killing More Women Than All Types Of Cancer Combined! What Is IT?. . .

Cardiovascular Diseases. . .surprised? While heart disease for women was a rarity. That fact, took a turn for the worst in the 20th and 21 Century.  What changed. . .we did!  The way we work, eat, sleep, stress, exercise, cope and interact … Continue reading

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Are You Getting Your Zzzzz? . .Important For Optimal Immune Function

Hey you wake up!  Are you the person in the office that rather take a nap for lunch than eat?  Are you going to bed just before midnight and having to get up at 4:45 am to ready yourself for … Continue reading

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