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10-Benefits of Oxygen

Oxygen is the single most important substance taken into the body.  Without oxygen life would cease to be.  Here are ten benefits that oxygen offers the body. Oxygen rich internal environment prevents cancer cell growth. Oxygen releases stress in the … Continue reading

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Blog News-The Big “C” is Killing More Women Than All Types Of Cancer Combined! What Is IT?. . .

Cardiovascular Diseases. . .surprised? While heart disease for women was a rarity. That fact, took a turn for the worst in the 20th and 21 Century.  What changed. . .we did!  The way we work, eat, sleep, stress, exercise, cope and interact … Continue reading

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Our Breasts Physical Metaphor for Giving and Receiving

I was  engaged in research the other day on the subject, how suppressed emotions effect our immune system and I came across this interesting nugget  related to breast cancer.  The book, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom by Christane Northrup M.D. Here is what she … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk Breast Health

We all know or have heard the statistics. . .  1 in 9 women between the ages of 1 and 90 will get breast cancer.  The leading cause of death among American woman 40-55 years of age is breast cancer.   … Continue reading

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