I Beat Cancer. . .Now What?

This is the number one question asked after the doctor tells you. . .Congratulations you’re in remission!

It’s especially true if you opt for the traditional western therapies radiation and chemotherapy.Lowered Immune System_pic

So once you are in remission the idea and the hope is  to stay in remission, right!


The most important things you can do is get rid of internal toxins, repair/build new cells and strengthen your immune system. Your body wants to heal. Cancer cannot grow in a body with a strong immune system.

Okay,  step number -1: Stimulate the lymphatic system and DETOX.

You can do this without feeling the ill effects of the detox.

Here is a list of 10-Ways to Detox Fast– and began ridding yourself of toxins and repair your immune system.  Stay cancer free, naturally.

  1.  Eliminate toxic stress
  2. Sleep 8 to 9 hours and 1 hour per day to relax that’s your alone
  3. Remove refine sugar from your diet
  4. Eat the rainbow of veggies and fruit
  5. Drink pure water; in AM add the juice of 1/2 organic lemon in a cup of warm water
  6. Stimulate the lymphatic system-10 minutes before shower-dry skin brushing
  7. Sweat Therapy-30-mins
  8. Hydrotherapy- 4 mins hot water/ 1 min cold 3 X, can be done in shower 1-2 X per day; gently massage your liver, (on your right side just below your rib cage) . Listen to your body, if you feel nauseated your liver is inflamed.  Stop massaging and let the water do the job.
  9. Combo Bath 1-cup Epsom salt, 1-cup Baking Soda, 1-cup Sea Salt; soak 20 mins (everyday)

10. Green Juice Therapy; start with a cup per day

Let’s continue to stack the odds in your favor of staying cancer free.

This is part of my program 7- Steps To Staying Cancer Free Transformational  System.

Next month I will be sharing a free Webinar: “Sugar, How Sweet It Isn’t In Staying Cancer Free.  How To Break The Sugar Habit”

I’ll keep you posted.

I welcome comments

Linda Raymond

En Pointe Health LLC

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About lifetoall

I am Founder and CEO of En Pointe Health LLC. I help cancer survivors to live fearlessly, reclaim, renew and thrive with a second chance at life.
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