A No Juicing Body Detox in 10 Minutes or Less!

Your living skin is the largest of you body’s organs and it’s multi-functional. It’s major purpose is eliminating body waste.

Are you surprised?

It not only provides a barrier to keep harmful microbes out, but it will also show you signs of internal toxic overload. It is said to be your “third kidney” .

There are several ways you can help your body rid itself of the waste through the skin. Drink water, exposure to infrared lighting, steam sauna and dry brushing.

To detox in 10 minutes or less, the winner is “Dry Skin Brushing”.

Here are 10 Reasons why  daily dry skin brushing is  effective:

1.  Brushing is more effective than soap and water in helping to eliminate waste materials by stimulating the activity of the pores you can break down fatty deposits under the skin and rid your body of uric acid crystals.

2.  Brushing stimulates the lymphatic system, increasing blood circulation in underlying organs and tissues.

3.  Brushing increases the skins natural cleansing ability by removing toxins and other impurities from the skin.

4.  Brushing stimulates the oil and hormone production glands, keeping pores open and allowing the skin to retain natural oils.

5.  Brushing is rejuvenating and has a powerful effect on the nervous system by stimulating the nerve endings in the skin.

6.  Brushing contributes to healthier muscle tone, releasing bloat from retaining excess water and better distribution of fat deposits.

7.  Brushing improves complexion, stimulates collagen production, making you look younger and fresher with skin that has a velvety touch.

8.  Brushing improves your general health and help prevent premature aging.

9.  Brushing helps awaken you naturally, decreasing the need for artificial stimulants.

10.  Brushing is also a mind/body connector thereby helping you to release build up stress.

Start on dry skin before bathing. Work in gentle circular, upward motions, then longer, smoother strokes. Begin at the ankles in upwards movements towards the heart – the lymphatic fluid flows through the body towards the heart. *Doing my research I found the technique varied, but here is one I followed, and  in my opinion, the best one out there showing how, why and what.

*For the correct way to skin brush, check out this video by Brandi Owens from Oasis of Healing.

Was this post helpful?  Let me know what you think.

Happy brushing!


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I am Founder and CEO of En Pointe Health LLC. I help cancer survivors to live fearlessly, reclaim, renew and thrive with a second chance at life.
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