Seven Tips of Empowerment for Your Health

You are the best advocate for your health.

This is the single most important way to stay healthy.

You are in partnership with your health care provider for the quality of care you will receive.

Remember, you want to be proactive and not reactive.  This is your health care not your sick care.

OK, as I promise, here are Seven Quick Tips to help you on your way to be the best advocate possible.

1.  Give Information  Don’t Wait to be Asked

Your doctor can not read your mind. What you don’t tell him/her will influence their diagnosis. Only you know important facts about your symptoms and health history.  Remember, your symptom is a result, not the cause.  Tell your doctor what you think he or she needs to know.

Always bring any medications you are taking, or a list of those medicines you are taking, or a list of those medicines. (include when and how often you take them) and what strength. If you have a lot of them an excel spreadsheet might help you keep organized.  In that way, when there is a change, adding or deleting it will make it easier to manage.

Tell your doctor about any herbal products you use or alternative medicines or treatments you receive.

2.  Ask your doctor or nurse if they have washed their hands before starting to examine you

With MRSA on the rise, hand washing can prevent the spread of infections.  Sometimes he/she may use a waterless disinfectant.

3.  Get Information

Ask questions.  If you don’t, your doctor may think you understand everything that was said.  Write down your questions before your visit.  List the most important ones first to make sure they get asked and answered.Bonus Tip:Make your appointment if possible, 9:00 am or the first appointment that day.  Your doctor will not be in a rushed because of patient’s appointment ran overtime.

4.  Take Notes

Ask your doctor to draw pictures if that might help to explain something.  Don’t be intimidated!  Some doctors do not mind if you bring a tape recorder to help you to ask questions and receive answers. (Always ask first)

5.  If you need More Time, Speak Up

Keep in mind if you are going there for an annual physical, you might not be allowed to ask questions that do not address your general health.  Most providers will have you schedule an additional appointment for other concerns.

6.  Take Information Home

Ask for written instructions.  Your doctor also may have brochures and audio/videotapes that can help you.  Remember to ask.

7. Follow Up

If you have questions, call or email. If your symptoms get worse, or if you have problems with your medicine, call.  If you had test and do not hear from your doctor, call for you test results. With most doctor’s office going paperless, you can now access your medical records online at a secured website.  Ask your health care provider about getting access to your information.  What you don’t understand, ask for clarification.

Do your homework!

With Knowledge Comes Empowerment

Life to All

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Our Breasts Physical Metaphor for Giving and Receiving

I was  engaged in research the other day on the subject, how suppressed emotions effect our immune system and I came across this interesting nugget  related to breast cancer.

 The book, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom by Christane Northrup M.D.

Here is what she had to say: “Much breast cancer is related to our need to be self-contained and self-nurturing”. Caroline Myss state “The major emotion behind breast lumps and breast cancer is hurt, unfinished emotional business generally related to nurturance.”

Breasts are located in the fourth-chakra energetic center, near the heart.  Emotions such as regret and the classic “broken heart” are energetically stored in the center of the body.  Guilt over not being able to forgive oneself or forgive others blocks the breast’s energy.

Women with breast cancer or inherited gene mutation of BRCA1 and BRCA2 frequently have a tendency toward self-sacrifice, inhibited sexuality, and inability to see themselves as supported by others, an inability to discharge anger or hostility, a tendency to hide anger and hostility behind a facade of pleasantness and an un-resolved hostile conflict with their mothers.

WOW, this gave me pause. . . as I reflected on my find, I couldn’t help but see a few things I still had  to resolved and come to terms with in my life.  Life is a journey and only through self-awareness can we make the needed corrections to protect the health of our breast to the best of our ability.

A true sense of empowerment!

Remember, it is not the emotion itself that cause the problem, it is the inability to express the emotion fully, relax, release, relate and respond to the situation in a healthy, adaptive way.

What you don’t express, you suppress!

I would like to hear your thoughts, please post.

Life To All

Linda Ray

IAW Wellness Coaching

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Are Mammograms Obsolete?

For many years now Western Medicine promoters have advocated annual mammograms. In fact, I received my first mammogram at the age of 27! Why. . .? because my mother was just diagnosis with late stage breast cancer.  So out of fear and over-whelm and with the urging of the medical professionals I complied.

 My breast were placed into something that looked like an medevel torture devise, along with the sound effects, a cold metal vice-like machine that flatten and smashed them without mercy and yes, I do have scar tissue in my right breast to prove it.  So that’s 28 years of being expose to dangerous radiation that may actually increase the risk of cancer!

For what? The overwhelming evidence shows that mammograms do very little to prevent cancer deaths. Mammograms can only find cancer tumors that have already grown and reached a certain size.  By that time, it’s often too late to treat them successfully. So much for early detection!

Well this is not a post of dome and gloom, there is something available that is safe, painless, non-invasive test that detects cancer years earlier than a mammogram.  The test is called Breast Thermography, and it works by taking infrared photos of your breasts.

It works on the theory that when cells start to mutate and turn cancerous, the surrounding tissues start to create new blood vessels.  This is called neoangiogenesis.  All the blood-flow activity produces additional heat in the area.  And this heat is detected using infrared photography finding “hot spots” and identifying cancer activity early.

Now, in my opinion, this is a positive step at detecting and preventing breast cancer.  My next exam. . it wont be a Mammogram, each of us must make our own decision let’s make it an informed one.

Tell me your thoughts on this post?

Life To All

Linda Ray

IAW Wellness Coaching

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Let’s Talk Breast Health

We all know or have heard the statistics. . .  1 in 9 women between the ages of 1 and 90 will get breast cancer.  The leading cause of death among American woman 40-55 years of age is breast cancer.   The media is loaded with messages of race for the cure, but yet no cure has been found in our western culture.

This does not have to be you. Let’s be proactive about our breast health NOW! Greatly improving your odds is easier than you think!

Hi I’m Linda Ray, I work with women who want to avoid breast cancer first, by removing the fear through education, then inspire self-awarness, which will motive them to make permanent positive changes in their lives so they can live longer, look younger, stay cancer free and healthy in the process.

So, let’s start removing the fear.  Ask Linda Ray:

Q: I heard that too much estrogen in a woman’s body increases the risk of breast cancer. Is this true?

A: Not completely, the term is ” estrogen dominant” Fact, estrogen is really a general term for three separate hormones: estriol, estradiol and estrone. Estrogen is produced in three main places in a woman’s body: the ovaries, the adrenal glands and the fat cells.

Natural estrogen, that your body produces and/ or phyto-estrogens that’s found in organic plants and foods do not cause breast cancer.  If naturally produce estrogen did cause breast cancer, then every woman bearing children would have breast cancer and every child she would bear after that would increase her odds of getting breast cancer.

When a woman is pregnant her estradiol level increases from 800 to 3,000 with a single pregnancy.  Having twins, the level can be as high as 8,000.  Remember, all of this estrogen is surging throughout your body for nine months! In fact, one of my aunts birth nineteen children and she lived well into her nineties with no breast cancer!

Q: What kind of estrogen causes cancer?

I will answer that question on my next blog post, so stay tune.

I would love to get you comment on this post.  Tell me what you think. Have a question? Ask Linda Ray

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